Audax Software - Logistics Hub Solution
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We Are Audax Software

Audax Software Ltd was first incorporated in the United Kingdom in 1992. With support offices in the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia, it is now a key solutions provider in the Logistics Hub Solution with 40 plus installed base globally.
Logistics Freight Control System (FCS) is Audax’s home grown enterprise solution tailored for Lead Logistics Provider (LLP), Third Party Logistic (3PL), Freight Forwarders, Parcel Carriers and Manufacturers.

Audax Values and Strengths

Cuts time spent in the delivery pipeline by 33%
Cuts time spent in the delivery pipeline by 33%
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Cuts costs by 75% in the hub
Cuts costs by 75% in the hub
Improves visibility in the delivery pipeline
Improves visibility in the delivery pipeline
Professional Experienced Team
Professional Experienced Team

Our Products

ONE SOLUTION to Fulfil All your Logistics Requirements

Transport Management System

  • Rules-based Carrier/Service Selection
  • Multiple consolidation options
  • Consolidation Methods
    • By single consignee reference
    • By multi consignee reference with the same delivery address
    • By multi consignee reference with the same destination country
    • By Import Gateway eg single gateway serving all EU countries

Warehouse Management System

  • Wireless Scanners
  • Put away to Locations
  • Picking Instructions
  • Carriers Label Printing
  • Weight-Break management
  • Validation scan to eliminate cross labelling
  • Report Management
    • User defined
    • Scheduled Run

Track & Trace

  • Full pipeline visibility
    • Single and multi-leg shipment
  • Tracking using own shipment reference
  • Shipment / Box level tracking
  • Exception management
    • Identifies short shipped / over shipped
  • Alerts
    • Shipment pre-alert to Carriers and Customers

Multi-Leg Shipment Management

  • Full Track & Trace Visibility
  • Supports one or many carriers through intermediate points
  • Multi mode shipments
  • Cross-Docks
  • Merge-in-transit

Invoicing and Waybill Rating

  • Consolidated Import Invoice for Single Clearance
  • Conversion of consolidated Import Invoice to single currency
  • Auto Computation of Waybill Rates

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • EDI enabled
  • Supports all EDI standards
  • Middleware interfacing your ERP system with Carriers System

Our Customers

Used Globally by over 40 Multi-National Companies. It integrates Customers ERP system and Carrier’s own systems.


Nexperia uses FCS in 5 hubs in Asia to manage their outbound goods flow. They are now considering using FCS at several more hubs to control inbound raw materials flow.

Guido de Vocht
Head of Global Logistics, Nexperia


We started to use FCS as our system to consolidate our daily volumes with specific carrier labels. With the support of Audax the functionality has been extended significantly to include pre-alerts, creation of customs invoices, criteria-based carrier selection, EDI integration, etc. We have been able to eliminate manual work, increase speed and reduce errors that we couldn’t do otherwise.

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